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Multifarious Whiskey


Multifarious Whiskey
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Multifarious Whiskey

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The first bottling ever of Patty Green Whiskey Distillers seemed fated to be tied in some way to the nature of Patricia Green Cellars. Our first foray into grain distillation was the purchase of a pre-blended set of grains (Lightning Malt Barley, Purple Karma Barley and Full Pint Barley) from a malt house called Tiller Malt. For two years the barrels were simply marked as Tiller Malt. When we tasted this in the late summer of 2023 and decided we were ready to bottle this we realized we needed a name that was something other than the name of another company. Over the years the winery has used to great success the monikers Notorious, Perspicacious and Mysterious. This one is a little more straight forward since Multifarious literally means “made of several things” but it accomplishes the task of indicating unique and high-level characteristics in something we are bottling!

There were five barrels of this. Two barrels were newly crafted by Oregon Barrel Works from a tree cut down in a vineyard located in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA and charred to #2 and #3 levels. The other three were aged 2+ years in re-purposed Pinot Noir barrels. We are specifically NOT doing the thing that’s quite trendy now to finish sprits in a wine barrel (or, god forbid, the other way around). These barrels have the heads removed and then are sanded down to remove all traces of wine. Wine only penetrates about 3\8th inch into oak staves so this is quite possible. The barrel is then re-toasted to wine barrel specifications. It is then charred to whiskey barrel levels. The three barrels this whiskey were in were #3 char.

This is a combination of 80% of the grain distillate from the blend of malted barleys and 20% from the Brandy of Pinot Noir. This whiskey was in barrel at 126 proof. Several different tasting trials led us choose a 98 proof level. This is slightly higher than you would see from most commercial whiskeys that hit the 90-ish proof level. We felt that this proof allowed for a slight amount of bite from the heat to come through but the overall richness and density of mouthfeel made that bite feel exactly right. The flavors range from dried fruits, earthen spices, molasses, tea, barrel notes and ginger snaps.

This is, in some ways, the flagship whiskey of this entire venture. We dipped our toe into the grain distilling world with this batch back in the spring of 2021 to see if there was a way to make something greater than we could have ever hoped with our destroyed 2020 Pinot Noir. The success of this first distillation started us on a path that we never could have imagined.

135 cases of this were bottled.

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