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Ridgecrest Vineyard

The grandfather of all the vineyards in Ribbon Ridge. The 5-acre, 1982 block is the oldest section of vineyard in the AVA. One of the amazing and crazy things about many of these older, historical sites is how far out in the middle of nowhere they are. Even by today’s standards Ridgecrest is fairly isolated and back in the first decade or so of the Oregon wine industry this was beyond remote, but it worked. Located well up, nearly to the end and certainly the top of, Ribbon Ridge Rd. this vineyard sits upon dusty marine soil in the area’s most interesting AVA. Cool afternoon breezes are commonplace here allowing for long hang times and ripening that occurs in the latter part of the growing season. We were generously offered just under ½ an acre (not being facetious about the generosity) from the oldest section of Pommard in the vineyard in 2018. This is one of if not explicitly THE benchmark vineyard in this tremendous AVA. The wine from this site is sublime, intense and completely born from a relationship that Harry Pederson-Nedry and his family began long ago that continues to this day with this beautiful piece of land that should be considered hallowed ground by those that follow wines from this region of the world. That we have any of this site at all is amazing.

We have not yet released our first wine from this vineyard. We will produce 3 barrels of this wine from the 2018 vintage. The wine shows the explosive and unrestrained nature that Ribbon Ridge can possess. This is perhaps the counter point to our First Vines block in the Estate Vineyard. This is dark and extremely concentrated with a river rock component to the finish. It is a compelling wine that should be an amazing bottle for decades to come. 

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