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Drinkability Chart

This is our Vintage Chart for our perceived notion of where our wines are at. We try to keep it updated. We try our best to keep up on the wines. It is, obviously, not easy to systematically go through our library of wines on a regular basis however. Input from people over the years has pointed us in the direction of wines for us to make a new assessment upon at times so feel free to contribute thoughts on, especially, older bottles if you consume them.

Not every wine we have ever made is listed here. There are wines that we stopped making over a decade ago that were not necessarily in our core selection of wines that we have since removed. Wines that we made one time are usually not listed unless there is some significance to them. Offbeat wines like Salud bottlings and proprietary bottlings such as Fat Cat and Berserker Cuvees are not listed either as we do not keep a library of those wines.

To best view the chart, download it using the link below and open in Adobe at the prompt, then zoom in to view at 100% (or larger).  If you have problems downloading or viewing the chart, email us and we will happily provide you a copy. 

This chart was last updated at the end of 2020.


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