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All our vineyards are either organically or sustainably farmed to produce textures, aromatics and flavors that are specific to the site from which they are born. It is always about making the best wines possible, but it is also about investing in, honoring and keeping alive the history of Oregon’s great, heritage sites. Today, in our cellar the barrel room we call, “The Heritage Vineyard Room” embodies the essence of our winery’s existence while illustrating Oregon’s historic sites. -Jim Anderson

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The entire winery is dedicated fully and solely to displaying the nature of Pinot Noir that is derived from where it is grown.

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Patricia Green Cellars enthusiastically and unapologetically produces more individual bottlings of Pinot Noir than any winery in America.

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We are pleased to introduce our 2018 vintage Pinot Noirs. They are deep, concentrated and full of life. They show impressive levels of acidity and tannin which will only serve to brighten the wines, elongate the finishes and make for incredibly compelling wines in the years to come. Over the years we have strived to make the best possible Pinot Noirs, when undeniably Oregon Pinot Noir is at a level only a few wines and wine regions can ever aspire to reach. We have over 600 barrels of Pinot Noir and some are at truly rare heights even at this stage of development. This is a terrific time to be an Oregon producer and consumer of the most exciting, captivating and delicious red and white varieties in the world. -Jim Anderson

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Our goal is to work with unique vineyards that have wide ranging natures so that we can showcase a broad range of Oregon Pinot Noir capabilities. Our wine club likely differs from many wineries’ clubs in that it is less designed to sell more wine since it is largely designed to ensure that our best, most desired, small production wines end up with the folks that have been supporters of them over the years. The club is there to control the outflow of certain special wines by giving you an allocation, but also letting you, our customer choose which wines suit your palate. The club wines are offered twice a year in the spring and fall and we as for a case commitment each year.

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In each vineyard a unique combination of geology, topography, elevation, aspect to the sun, degree of slope, type of water, age of vine, clonal material, flora and fauna that come together to make up the concept that is referred to as terroir.

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Patricia Green Cellars proudly supports many important causes and local educational charity auctions each year. Please submit your donation requests through the following link:

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