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Whiskey. It’s here!


As many of you know over the past 30 months Patricia Green Cellars has been engaged in an effort to turn the lemons of the 2020 fires into lemonade. Or, better yet, to turn undrinkable, smoke-tainted wine into some of the most delicious whiskey on earth. Bold venture and a bold statement.

We have (partially) arrived and we believe we are equal to the above statements.

Below you will find information about the 3 distillates, answers to every question we could think people might have and some general information about the project. It’s a little lengthy, even by our standards, but it is obviously a unique situation with a completely different set of products than what we have been making over the past 20+ years. Please, if you are interested, take the time to peruse it.

The shorthand for the purposes of this letter:

Matty and I believed SO much in this project that when, a year into this, the distillery we were contracting with came up for sale, so we bought it. That should tell you all where our belief in this project as a whole is at. We’ve literally put our money where our mouths are. Hoping you all will do the same!

We have bottled the Whiskeys we believed were tasting simply amazing however we have many more varieties of barley and rye to go. We will bottle and release over the coming years as we believe they come to a place in barrel that justifies being bottled. We hope you follow us on this journey!

**BIG ITEM: Due to many things we cannot ship bottles of spirits at this point. We’re working on it but it is simply not something that is easy to make happen. We are also not available, currently, in OLCC stores. Patricia Green Cellars is the only place to purchase these.

Please take the time to read about (and order!) the Brandy of Pinot Noir, the Multifarious Whiskey and the incredibly rare, unique and soulful Purple Karma Pinnacle Whiskey.

Whiskey tastings are available on a limited basis. If you are interested in the details, please CLICK HERE



Jim Anderson and Matt Russell


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