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2019 Chehalem Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noir 5 Litre

2019 Chehalem Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noir 5 Litre
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Chehalem Mountain Vineyard, Erath Clone: Our specialty is stumbling into fruit gold mines. So much so that it has literally become the defining the characteristic of the entire winery. We received a call in the summer of 2019 that the 1978 planting from Dick Erath’s original vineyard was available. Are you kidding? Located literally across the street from the eastern border of Ribbon Ridge this old (originally founded in 1968) and historical site still has serious old vine chops. That we landed them is just par for the course for us now. This wine is as unique as the old vines that spawned it. It is a combination of blueberry, cherry, vanilla pod and some sneaky structure that holds those flavors in place. A treasure to have in our cellar. Highly limited! Only 5 barrels were produced!      


Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Chehalem Mountains
Vineyard Designation
Chehalem Mountain Vineyard
Alcohol %