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2019 Vintage Summary

The futures program allows you the opportunity to purchase the upcoming releases of your favorite, small production wines before they are officially released in the fall. These wines are bottled in fall of 2020 and will be shipped when temperatures are appropriate. The wines  are discounted by $10 off retail prices and if you commit to a 12 bottle case, there is an additional 10%  discount off the total. Please call the winery to place orders for large format bottlings to achieve the proper discount at 503-554-0821. We ask that you keep current vintage and futures orders separate as they will ship at different times. 

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A lovely spring led into a temperate summer with only one significant heat event which happened strangely early in the season. Lots of bright, clear, sunny days. No forest fires of note. Everything was progressing along just as it should. We were scheduled for another early harvest (which I should probably just stop saying as every harvest since 2012 has been an early harvest by historical standards). Then, for around two weeks, we experienced a series of days with intermittent showers and rains. Nothing calamitous like 2013, just the sort of on again off again stuff that is not terribly uncommon out here except for being unusual the last week of August/first week of September. It’s also something that if you recall the vintages of the 90s and 2005-2011 this type of weather isn’t really that big a deal. The reality is that farming here in the Willamette Valley has become so good in recent years that it takes a bit more than some showers spread out across a couple of weeks to do much more than get your grapes wet.

That said, I have had many people ask me with trepidation, “Are the 2019 wines going to be okay?” Um, yes. If you are believing your internal voice you should stop doing so in this instance. The wines are full, sound, densely fruited, structured and quite beautiful. If any impact was noticeable it was that, in general, after the early part of September there was very little rise in the brix. Stuff sort of leveled off at around 22-ish brix depending on the site. That is wheelhouse (around 13% alcohol) for Pinot Noir.

These are beautiful wines that are bound to surprise and then more than please. As always, we have a seemingly endless run of single vineyard Pinots to consider. We are offering a few of the standard bearers again this year along with a sneak preview on 2 of the 3 new bottlings we are going to have from 2019!

**TO PURCHASE LARGE FORMATS/CURRENT RELEASE WINES ALONG WITH FUTURES TO RECEIVE 10% CASE DISCOUNT** please call us at 503-554-0821.  You will not receive the proper discount if you place this order online without our assistance. 


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