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2013 Sauvignon Blanc Release/Pre-Release


“This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end”


The End, The Doors


Two years ago, in the description of the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc release, I stated that our sources were dwindling and that “This leaves us with about 800 cases of Sauvignon Blanc in this vintage which is down 300 cases from the sparse 2010 bottling. In a year or two we are likely to be down to 350 cases or so and that simply won’t go very far.”


That time has come.


We managed to wrangle around ¾ of a ton of Sauvignon Blanc from Oster Vineyard out past Oregon City to go with the 5 tons we harvested from the Estate Vineyard but that is it. We bottled a hair over 400 cases in 2013 and barring some change in the landscape (figuratively and literally) this is where we have settled. From the 2007 vintage we bottled around 2,000 cases of this and sold it all over the country and in the process developed a nice following for what is admittedly one of the nichiest wines in the state. Even at the 800-900 cases we eked out the last two years we were not able to keep the wine around for a full year despite limiting its presence to sales both at the winery and in Oregon only and mostly selling it to restaurants who poured it by the glass.


Normally we simply release the Sauvignon Blanc with the spring newsletter along with the futures of Pinot Noir that we are doing that year. It seemed that a separate release of this wine to remove it from the noise of the Pinots was more fitting.


This is not only the release of the wine but a pre-release in a way. Many of you have purchased this wine from us over the year’s sight unseen (or tasted untasted as it were). There will certainly be less opportunity to taste this wine just given quantities produced. We are also going to raise the price a little. However, this email blast will have the wine at the same price as the past few vintages ($20) with normal case discounts applying. Purchase the Sauvignon Blanc from this and get the last of the old pricing. Wait around until we do what has been the traditional release of the wine (spring newsletter/Memorial Day Weekend) and the new price ($24) will apply.


This wine will be your first clue that the 2013 vintage is an absolutely fine vintage in Oregon. This wine is ripe, zippy, bright, and fresh and completely in line with the focused and fun Sauvignon Blancs we have bottled over the years. This may even have a bit more of the mineral undertone to it (ala the Estate Old Vine Pinot Noir) since this is nearly an Estate Vineyard bottling. In any case this has the right amount of weight, fruit, texture and finish to make it an interesting and immensely appealing white for a long spring, summer and fall of drinking. Then it will be gone unfortunately.


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