Weber Vineyard

Weber Vineyard was established in 1978 by Art Weber. Along with several other vineyards on Worden Hill Rd at that time created perhaps the most striking and unique viticulture micro-climate in Northern Oregon. Weber Vineyard was purchased by longtime vineyard manager Andy Humphrey in 2001. Patricia Green Cellars began sourcing fruit from the vineyard in 2005. In 2013 a portion of the vineyard was sold to a different winery along with the naming rights to the Ana Vineyard brand. While Patricia Green Cellars still sources fruit from the same sections of the vineyard since the beginning of the relationship, the wines labeled as Ana Vineyard from 2005-2012 are now called by their historical name of Weber Vineyard beginning with the 2013 vintage.

Worden Hill Rd is a very special place. Beyond the Volcanic Jory soil, the enclosed, somewhat bowl shaped contour of the hillside, largely southern exposure that varies within the folds in the hill, there is something hard to quantify and difficult to explain about this area. It may be a combination of how this hillside rose out of the valley floor millions of years ago, the history of this area developing as a grape growing region, the people that initially worked the land and the age of the vines in these older vineyards. Whatever it is, displays itself clearly in the vines and then in interesting and subtle ways in the wines from this hillside. The older vines here are gnarly, rugged and have their own way about them that allows them to ripen fruit in ways that are unexpected and sometimes, seemingly beyond our control. In 2013 Weber was the first vineyard we picked. In 2015 it was the last. There isn’t necessarily a pattern in some of these sites that is predictable.

These old plants bear fruit that leads to wines of incredible aromatics that are pure interweaving of fruit and soil. It is easy, from the outside, to look disparagingly upon chatter like this from wineries as marketing and nonsense of wine talk to try and create mysticism about what is simply a beverage. However, if you spend time here and see the days, evenings and how nature works it is easy to understand the role the vineyard plays when combined with the technical and scientific parts of the equation that create these distinct soil and vines. This is a special place in Oregon and the Dundee Hills AVA. The wines are incredibly unique. This is a special vineyard that has routinely produced one of our best wines each vintage.