Durant Vineyard

Durant Vineyard is located on Breyman Orchard Rd. slightly down the hill from Balcombe Vineyard, albeit it with a southern as opposed to a western/southwestern aspect, and is located adjacent to Domaine Drouhin’s Estate Vineyard. This is an historic, old Oregon vineyard. Originally planted in 1973 the same family has owned, lived on and farmed the property for the past 40+ years. The Durants were pioneers in the Oregon viticulture world, establishing their vineyard just a few years after David Lett of Eyrie Winery and Vineyard planted his first vines only a few hundred yards away from this site.

Patricia Green Cellars’ relationship began with the Durant Vineyard in 2010. Initially, the block that was purchased was the original 1973 planting called the Bishop Block. In 2010 and 2011 a Durant Vineyard bottling was produced. However, in 2012 a freak spring time hail storm basically stripped these vines of their flowers leaving the plants with essentially no fruit for the vintage. To compensate a 2000 planting of Dijon 115 was purchased and while this was very nice it was huge, dense and dark and thus quite different from the sublime and elegant bottling done the previous two vintages. So the bottling was called the Durant Vineyard, Madrone Block. In 2013 both bottlings were done. While the Durant Vineyard, Bishop Block is done every year and is one of the most gorgeous, subtle and refined bottlings produced the Durant Vineyard, Madrone Block is a vintage to vintage decision and often makes up portions of both the Reserve Pinot Noir and the soil driven Volcanic bottling.

The resilient and incredible soils in the Dundee Hills contribute to the nature of these two wines even though they have widely varying characteristics. Older vine Dundee Hill vines have resulting wines of incredible breed that show the red fruit profile this AVA is famed for, spice and iron notes and textures that are silky without lacking for tannin to balance the fruit side of the equation. Younger vine Dundee Hill vines have root systems entrenched in some of the most fertile soil in the region and tend to take the red fruited character upward, show incredible intensity, vibrancy and panache. They are fun and tantalizing wines that show amazingly well in their youth and appeal to a broad swath of Pinot Noir drinkers.