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Trade Only Deep Roots Coalition Wine Tasting & Discussion

Patricia Green Cellars Deep Roots Coalition

Cameron Winery Wine Tasting & Discussion

The Eyrie Vineyards Trade Only

Goodfellow Family Cellars Monday, November 4th

Crowley Wines 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Brick House Vineyards Guest speakers to discuss the science &

Belle Pente Vineyard philosophy of dry farming at 11:45 am

Evesham Wood With Special Guest Wineries

Frog’s Leap Winery & Mount Eden Vyds

& Guest Speaker Erin Upton

Beckham Estate Vyd

Kelley Fox Wines

Mellen Meyer

Patton Valley Vyd

Westrey Wine Co.

Evening Land Vyds

Illahe Vineyards

J.K. Carriere

Brooks Wine

Walter Scott Wines

Carlo & Julian


Flâneur Wines

Vincent Wine Company


Anne Amie Vyds

Apolloni Vyds

Twill Cellars

Ecotrust Building

721 NW Ninth Ave., First Floor, Portland 97209

Irving Street Studio

Taste & explore the terroir of

dry-farmed vineyards with the

finest selection of wines from

Oregon & beyond…